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How to Drill Out Broken Screws

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How to Drill Out Broken Screws

No matter what type of screw, it is possible to break, such as the star shaped screw, philips head screw and tri wing screw. In many environments, screws have a tendency to corrode over time. When exposed to moisture, they may rust or accumulate heavy water deposits that can lead to damage during removal. It is important for users to inspect a screw for corrosion and choose the right driver bit for the head before attempting to remove it. Using a wera screwdriver that is the wrong size or designed for a different type of screw head can lead to stripping, and possible personal injuries.


Things You'll Need


Center punch

Screw extractor

Set of screwdriver drill bits ( cordless screwdriver drill or screwdriver hand drill)

Hammer screwdriver

T-shaped twisting tool



Step 1


Mark the center of the broken screw with a pencil. Place the tip of the center punch onto the pencil mark. Tap the back of the center punch forcefully with a hammer.


type of screw head


Step 2


Drill a hole into the center of the broken screw using a 1/16-inch drill bit. Place the tip of the drill bit into the depression made by the center punch. This will help prevent the drill bit form slipping off of the screw and damaging the surrounding material.



Step 3


Check the screw extractor's instructions, and make note of the recommended diameter of hole.



Step 4


Increase the diameter of the hole if necessary by re-drilling with the hole with the next largest drill bit. Repeat with larger drill bits until the hole is the recommended diameter.



Step 5


Insert the screw extractor's tip into the hole and gently tap it in with the hammer.


type of screw head


Step 6


Turn the screw extractor counterclockwise with the T-shaped twisting tool. Continue turning the screw extractor until the screw is is completely removed.



There are someways also can help you. First of all, grinding machine can be used to grind the broken part of the wire, and then use a small drill bit to drill first, and then gradually use a larger drill bit. The broken wire will gradually fall off. After falling off, which has the advantage of not increasing the aperture. Moreover, If the screw is not too hard, you can flatten the end face, find out the center point, punch a small point with a sample, drill with a smaller bit first, and then screw it out with a broken wire extractor in the reverse direction.If you can't buy a broken wire extractor, you can ream it with a larger drill bit. When the hole diameter is close to the screw, some wires will lose their strength and fall off. Remove the remaining thread teeth, and then use a tap to trim again.


Fortunately, now there is a portable tool machine designed and manufactured by the principle of electrical machining, which can easily and quickly take out the broken screw and tap bit.


A screw may break during use for several reasons. While sometimes this can be because of a defect in the screw itself, usually a broken screw results from using a screwdriver or drill bit that is the wrong size for the screw. Removing a broken screw without damaging the surrounding material can be difficult. Special tools will make the job easier.


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