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Complete Selection Guide to Watchmakers Screwdrivers

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Complete Selection Guide to Watchmakers Screwdrivers

The old saying goes: "Workers must sharpen their tools first if they want to do their best." Good tools not only improve our efficiency, but also make our work more precise, which is why we are so dependent on machines and tools made in Germany. When it comes to precision maintenance, you have to talk about precision screwdrivers.


In the maintenance of clocks and watches, the hand operated tool that must be used is the screwdriver.


In addition to Japanese watches, most watch brands use a flat-blade screwdriver for both external parts (strap, case back) and chips. Japanese watch brands use Phillips screwdrivers.


Due to the inconsistent size of screws during maintenance, so there are many screwdrivers that correspond to them. In general, a set is of 9 or 10 in total. According to the size, each color corresponds to the prompt of the base, arranged in order from small to large to avoid confusion. The use rule is to put it back into place immediately after using to avoid loss and confusion. A good tool is a good helper and a good friend for masters. Therefore, choosing a set of suitable watchmaking screwdrivers is very important for watchmakers.


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1. Choose the Best Screwdriver Blade.

The screwdriver blade is the most important working part and needs to be kept at the "top" state at all times. No matter what watchmaking screwdriver you purchase, you must periodically redress and regrind the blade.


You will notice the tiny grub screws used to secure the blade. By loosening and tightening the screw, you can replace the screwdriver blade. In a cheap screwdriver, you will notice that this flat head screw usually cannot hold the blade correctly, causing the blade to rotate during use.


The quality of the metal used in the blade will make your operation easier. Very soft blades will twist and deform under pressure and cannot maintain their contours.


The quality of the screwdriver blade must be very high because the torque generated by such a small tip is very high.


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2. Do You Need a Bracket?

When you buy a terminal screwdriver, you can choose the rotating bracket, either a wooden bracket or a plastic bracket.


How to choose the screwfix screwdriver set, it can be based on your own preferences, because this will not affect the quality of the screwdriver itself. The bracket usually holds all screwdrivers together for easy selection, and a set of spare blades is usually provided in the bracket.



3. Should You Buy a Set or a Separate One?

You will also find that you can buy the watchmaker's screwdriver in bulk or as a separate purchase. Many draper screwdriver sets are usually too large and waste money. The most common watchmaking screwdriver sizes are: Gray-140, Red-120, Black-100,Yellow-80. Therefore, buying 10 or more watchmaking screwdrivers usually wastes money. For many people, it is only necessary to buy these four screwdrivers.


So now that you have a better understanding of watchmakers’ screwdrivers, you should be able to better determine which screwdriver is right for you. I think you should always buy the highest quality screwdriver that you can afford. A set of high-quality watchmaker screwdrivers will make you use them for many years and become something you cherish. If you can’t afford the precision screwdriver set, you only need to buy the most popular size and get the remaining screwdriver if you can afford it.


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