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Did you pick the right screwdriver to repair iPhone?

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Did you pick the right screwdriver to repair iPhone?

When you repairing the iPhone, you will need more than one man one screwdriver. It’s important to put all the screws back to the right place when you reassembling the iPhone, cause if you dont, there will be a big risk damaging your phone. Now were going to reveal all the iPhone screws to figure out what exact driver bit you really need when repairing the iPhone.



Pentagon screws


First we’ll start from the 2 outer screws at the bottom near the lightning dock connector, these 2 are p5 Pentagon screws, which is 5-point tamper-resistant screw. There you need a p2 Pentagon screwdriver, which is 0.8mm size, to undo these 2 screws. Although different iPhone features different length of the Pentagon screws, they can share the same p2 Pentagon screwdriver. What’s more, using small Phillips screwdriver to put those back will be more convenient compared with using Pentagon screwdriver.



Standoff screws


Whats more complicated are the inside screws, there are still many special screws inside.


For iPhone 4, there is a 4.8mm standoff Phillips screw inside, near the headphone jack. For iPhone 4S, there is one more 3.6mm standoff Phillips head screw along beside the logic board, near the battery connector. 


For iPhone 5, there are 3 standoff screws size 2.7mm which securing the logic board to the rear housing, the top one is non-magnetic and the other 2 are on the bottom side near the battery. For the iPhone 5C, there are 3 standoff screws size 2.7mm. For iPhone 5S, there are four 2.8mm standoff screws when you disassemble the logic board.


For iPhone 6, there is a 2.3mm standoff screw on top right of the battery, while 6 Plus has 2. For iPhone 6S Plus, unsurprisingly there is still a 2.2mm Phillips standoff screw securing the logic board. Even with the small size iPhone SE, which also features four 2.8mm standoff screws. The standoff screw looks like Phillips screw in some way, however there is a sunken hole within the screw and four flutes on the edges are also different from the normal Phillips screw. So there you should get a special screwdriver like this one to undo the standoff screw. Moreover, you can undo the standoff screw with a 2.5mm flathead screwdriver if you dont own a special standoff screwdriver.


For the iPhone 6S, it is a little bit different, the special screw is located on the top right of the battery, which is 2.5mm Hex standoff screw. So when you disassemble the iPhone 6S, youd better prepare the special M2.5 Hex socket screwdriver, otherwise its so hard to take out this unique screw.


one man one screwdriver


Phillips screws

Except the special Pentagon screws and standoff screws, there are all normal Phillips screws. Though these screws are in different length, luckily they can share the same Phillips screwdriver when you disassemble your iPhone.


However, wed like to mention that from iPhone 4 series to the 6 generations, the Phillips screws are changed a little bit. For iPhone 4/4s/5/5C/5SE, youll need the Phillips 00 screwdriver while the iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus requiring the Phillips 00 screwdriver.


When disassemble the screws, keep all of them organized. Because if you mixed them up, like if the screws get swapped and one of the longer screws is placed in the hole for the shorter it will damage the logic board, causing the phone boot loop, display a blue screen or showing error 14 or error 9 etc. Also over-tighten the screw will damage the phone either.


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