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Choosing the Right Wrench for the Job

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Choosing the Right Wrench for the Job

The wrench is the most commonly used hand operated tool in equipment repair, it is mainly used to twist bolts, nuts or threaded parts. If the wrench is used improperly, it will not only cause damage to the workpiece or the wrench, but also cause accidents that threaten personal safety. Therefore, it is very important to choose and use the wrench correctly. Now there are many different battery powered wrenches or manual wrenches in the market, today we will introduce the use of two types of wrenches.


1. Torx Wrench

The structural characteristics of the torx wrench: The two ends of the torx wrench are floral rings, and the inner hole is formed by two regular hexagons concentrically offset by 30° from each other. Many torx wrenches have elbows. The common elbow angle is between 10° and 45°. From the side, the rotation bolt part and the handle part are staggered. This structure is convenient for disassembling the bolts and nuts assembled in the recessed space, and can provide operating clearance for fingers to prevent scratches.


How to use the electric torx wrench: When using the electric torx wrench, push the connection between the torx wrench and the bolt with your left hand to keep the torx wrench and bolt fully matched to prevent slipping. Hold the other end of the torx wrench with your right hand and apply force. After the wrench is turned by 30°, the position can be changed, and it is especially suitable for disassembling and installing bolts and nuts in a narrow space.


Torx wrenches can completely enclose the heads of bolts and nuts, so they will not damage the corners of the bolts and can apply a large torque. When using a wrench, make sure that the size and shape of the wrench and bolt are fully matched. Otherwise, the bolt may be damaged due to slippage, and even personal injury may be caused.


Precautions for the use of a torx wrench: When turning, it is strictly forbidden to put an extended tube on the wrench to extend the length of the wrench to increase the torque. It is strictly prohibited to hit the wrench to increase the torque, otherwise it will cause damage to the tool. It is strictly forbidden to use a torx wrench with cracks and severely worn inner holes.


open end wrench


2. Open End Wrench

The structural characteristics of the open end wrench: Both ends of the open end wrench are U-shaped jaws, which can cover the two opposite sides of the bolt or nut hexagon. Open end wrenches are mainly suitable for locations where socket wrenches and torx wrenches cannot be used. Because some bolts or nuts must be inserted from the lateral side, the open-end wrench can be done at this time, but the torx wrench does not work. The jaws of the open-end wrench have a certain angle with the handle, so that the open-end wrench can be reversed to increase the use space.


How to use the battery powered open end wrench: When selecting a battery powered open end wrench, determine the appropriate model according to the size of the bolt head, and ensure that the diameter of the jaws matches the diameter of the bolt head, and there is no gap before operation.

adjustable wrenches


When in use, first put the open end wrench on the two opposite surfaces of the bolt or nut hexagon to ensure that the wrench and bolt are fully matched before applying force. When applying force, push the joint of the open end wrench and the bolt with one hand, and ensure that the wrench and the bolt are fully matched, the thumb of the other hand is pressed against the wrench head, and the other four fingers grip the wrench handle and pull the wrench to the side. When the bolt and nut are turned to the limit position, remove the wrench and repeat the previous process. When adjusting the bolts during inspection and maintenance, in order to prevent the parts from rotating relatively, two open end wrenches need to be used for fastening. One wrench fixes the bolt in one end, and the other wrench tightens or removes the bolt in another end.


Precautions for use of an open end wrench: When turning, it is forbidden to add a casing or knock on the open-end wrench to avoid damage to the wrench or damage to the bolt and nut. It is forbidden to use open end wrenches to remove high-torque bolts, and the position of open end wrenches should not be too high, otherwise it will cause slipping during the tightening or disassembly process, thereby damaging the bolt, nut or wrenches, it can even cause bodily injury. It is forbidden to continue to use damaged wrenches, otherwise the corners of bolts and nuts will be damaged. It is forbidden to use the open end wrench as a spudger, as this will damage the tool.



In addition to the above two wrench usage tips, there are other wrenches such as adjustable wrenches and crescent wrenches, if you are interested, you can contact us.


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