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How to Use a Wrench

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How to Use a Wrench

Wrenches are one of the common hardware tools in our family. According to their power, they can be divided into electric wrenches and manual wrenches. At present, manual wrenches are still used in our families. Although they are tools that can be seen everywhere in our lives, most people may not understand its classification and usage. Today we will introduce the use of different types of wrenches.



1. Open End Wrench

Open end wrenches are divided into single-end and double-end. The size of the opening can be adjusted according to different nut sizes, and some can be made into a set that cannot be adjusted according to the existing standard size, including square, hexagonal, and twelve-angled, among which twelve-angled wrenches are also called plum wrenches. We use them most frequently. Its advantage is that it can be used in a smaller space, with a smaller rotation range and a wider range of application. It is particularly convenient to disassemble and assemble the hexagon nuts or bolts located in a slightly concave place.



2. Socket Wrench

The socket wrench is composed of a set of plum blossom cylinders of different sizes, in which the arc-shaped handle is continuously rotated, greatly improving work efficiency and saving physical strength. This set of wrenches is also suitable for working in a small space. This is a ratchet wrench. Its rotation angle is small, so it is suitable for tightening or unscrewing screws and nuts.


Use the right size socket for the fastener you’re working on. Socket wrenches provide a lot of torque and can easily strip a nut or bolt if you use the wrong size.


ratchet wrench


3. Allen Wrench

Allen wrenches are often used for disassembly and assembly of electromechanical devices. This type of wrench has a long elastic rod with a handle at one end and a square or hexagonal head at the other end. A replaceable sleeve is fitted to the square or hexagonal head for clamping. There is also a long pointer on the top. The scale plate is fixed on the handle base, and the value of each scale is 1 Newton (or kilogram/meter). Therefore, when a certain tightening force is required in the operation, or several nuts (or screws) require the same tightening force, this wrench is used. At the same time, it has also been used for disassembly and assembly of large nuts.



4. Box End Wrench

It is mainly used in the automotive, home maintenance, plumbing, etc. The box end wrench is very easy to use. Both ends have closed heads. Heads with different sizes can be installed on nuts and bolts with different sizes. The firm grip and thin jaw wall are ideal for working in tight spaces.


box end wrench


5. Adjustable Wrench

There are many other common wrenches, such as adjustable wrenches, which are tools for tightening or loosening angled screws or nuts. When in use, hold the handle with your right hand. The closer the hand is to the back, the more effort it takes to pull it up. When pulling the small nut, because of the need to continuously rotate the worm gear to adjust the size of the wrench mouth, so the hand should be held close to the lip of the flat wrench, and the thumb is used to modulate the worm gear to adapt to the size of the nut.


There are too many types of wrenches, such as impact wrenches, pipe wrenches, etc., so the examples are not explained one by one. It is best to consider the application scope when selecting wrenches, so that the appropriate type and model can be selected more appropriately, which will not only save you labor, but also improve work efficiency. .In the end, it is also worth reminding that people often use wrenches as hammers in their lives, which will cause great damage to the tools, and improper operation can also deform the wrench, so it is recommended to select the appropriate tool according to different operations.


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