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Impact Wrench Uses, Types & Working Principle

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Impact Wrench Uses, Types & Working Principle

The impact wrench or impact gun is one of the most powerful hand operated tools. It is widely used by car mechanics to loosen and tighten the lug nuts of tires.



1. Uses of Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches are widely used in the automotive industry. The most common use is to remove the lug nut when replacing a car tire. It is an essential power tool for all auto repair shops. Other uses of best impact wrenches include automobile assembly, heavy equipment assembly, maintenance, machine tool manufacturing, large construction projects, etc. The impact wrench has a square output shaft. They have different sizes. The most widely used is 1/2 inch square.



2. How do Impact Wrenches Work?

Imagine you want to use an adjustable wrench to loosen frozen bolts or stubborn nuts. Applying normal force by hand, the nut may not loosen. But what if you hit the wrench with a hammer? When the number of hammering is large, the rusty nut will loosen. Simply speaking, this is what happens inside the impact wrench.


The common impact wrench is driven by an electric motor or compressed air. Since the pneumatic impact wrench is the most popular wrench, let us look at how it works.


powerful hand operated tools

The power supply will drive the rotor, which in turn will drive the hammer and hammer cage. During operation, if there is no resistance on the anvil (output shaft), the power of the drive motor will be transferred to the anvil. But what makes the impact tool different is the internal hammering mechanism, which will start when the force is insufficient.


Therefore, when the anvil faces resistance, the hammer will slip off the engagement pin. This causes it to spin at a higher speed and therefore store more energy. Then as it spins, it suddenly connects to the anvil. The sudden impact of the rotating hammer transfers the kinetic energy stored inside the hammer to the anvil. The result is a high torque (torque) on the output shaft.


Once the sudden consumption of energy disappears, the output shaft may again face resistance. In this case, the hammer slips again and begins to rotate, the cycle repeats. These periodic blows make the impact wrench so powerful.


Observe the movement carefully and you will find that the rotation of the output shaft is not continuous. That is intermittent rotation.


pneumatic impact wrench


3. Types of Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches can be classified according to the power source used. Electricity and compressed air are the most common sources of power for impact guns. Therefore, we provide electric impact wrenches, wireless impact wrenches and air impact wrenches in the market.


Corded Impact Wrench

These are electric impact wrenches, you need to plug them into a power outlet to get power. The electric motor installed at the rear of the tool drives the hammer unit and transmits the movement of the hammer to the output shaft.


Cordless Impact Wrench

Battery impact wrenches have unique advantages over other types. It is highly portable. The cordless design also allows it to be used in narrow working spaces where it may interfere with the use of electrical wires or air pipes. However, the rechargeable battery in the cordless impact wrench will quickly run out, especially if you use it continuously on stubborn nuts and bolts.


Pneumatic Impact Wrench

These are compressed air powered impact wrenches. Pneumatic wrenches are widely used in automobile repair shops, automobile assembly lines, and heavy equipment manufacturing. Compared with electric wrenches, they have some obvious advantages.


Air impact wrenches have a simple engineering design and are relatively inexpensive. Since there are no electrical components, there is very little chance of failure. But the biggest advantage is that the pneumatic wrench does not heat. Any heat generated by the rotating elements inside the impact gun is cooled by the circulating compressed air. This makes the air impact wrench ideal for assembly lines because it can work continuously for long periods of time without worrying about overheating. The overheating protection of the air flow and the relatively simple design make the air impact wrench more durable. In addition, they are easy to repair and maintain.


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