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How to place the pliers?

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How to place the pliers?

Different manual tools have different storage methods, such as the wera screwdriver set including phillips screwdriver, pentalobe screwdriver, and flat head screwdriver, can be directly hung on the wall or stored in a drawer. However, the storage of pliers is a tricky problem. They are not suitable to be fixed to nails, because they will be affected by gravity and fall. Similarly, they also don't fit in a drawer. Due to their size and opening arms, it’s a very inconvenient way. Many ways have been devised to solve this problem.



1. Vertical, Jaws-Up


In this way, the pliers are placed vertically in a specific holding box with the jaws pointing upward. In the middle of the storage box, the pliers are separated by rods. Using this method, you can quickly find the desired pliers. To keep tools bare and vertical, place them on a shelf, workbench or hang them on a wall. You can also put it in a drawer in this way that looks clear but is not easy to pick up.



2. Level, Handle


Compared with the previous method, this method is easy to get out of the drawer. Nobody's perfect. If you want to see the pattern of the pliers, you must open the drawer completely.



3. Magnetism, Any Way


This is a kind of can be placed at will receive a way. As the storage box contains strong magnet, you only need to put the magnetic part on it. In this way, each tool can be fixed in place, and can be fixed to the metal cabinet along the back. You can put it anywhere you want.



4. Horizontal, Wire, Jaw


This is a similar approach to method two. It's just that it uses wires instead of shelves. The design seems to require fiddling with tools to get in and out. But, it has one advantages that you can trim wires to fit in your drawer.

manual tools



5. Wedge, Jaw, DIY


It's a really quick way to choose. You can take the size of 2x4, make two inclined cuts on the manual mitre saw, and then fix both ends with scrap to get the system.



6. Jaw, Uniform Handle


This is a method suitable for companies making tool sets, for example, pliers for jewelers. Because the leverage required to produce jewelry may not change as widely as it would in a store with a broader demand. In this way, you just use a handle to match the different jaws. But it's not for pliers users who like to buy pieces in different styles, sizes and colors.



In fact, everyone's needs are different, so you need to choose different ways to meet your own needs. So how do you store your stuf? Not just pliers, but all kinds of hand operated tools, such as precision screwdriver set, hand operated drill, battery operated socket wrench and so on.


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