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How To Remove Rust From Tools

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How To Remove Rust From Tools

We use a variety of manual tools for work, home improvement and anything else. But can you imagine what would happen if an indispensable tool got rusty, or when you finally find a perfect iron ball but it gets rusty? Read on. With the help of this article, you can easily repair any rusty hand operated tools, including hand operated drill, flat head screwdriver, manual mitre saw, and so on.



1. How To Remove Rust With White Vinegar?


No matter what type of tool you are trying to fix, like a wera screwdriver set or a manual impact wrench, it’s best to check the handle first. If the metal part of the tool is corroded badly, the wood should also be deformed. Here are the steps to repair the rusty tool.


(1) First of all, remove the metal part from the wooden handle. You can use a manual saw to cut off the excess, then clamp the metal part with a vise, and strike the excess to get the metal part of the tool.


(2) Soak the metal parts in white vinegar overnight. Cover the bucket containing the white vinegar with a lid or a piece of wooden block. After soaking overnight, select steel wool of different roughness to remove rust according to the degree of rust accumulated on the tools.


(3) Rinse the vinegar with clean water and then dry the tools. Any potholes can be smoothed out with a battery operated hand sander if necessary. It is important to remember to wear goggles when using the sander. For blades, use terrazzo to polish and re-sharpen the blade.

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(4) Use an anti-rust metal primer on cleaned tools to protect them from future damage. If the wooden handle is removed initially, it needs to be replaced. There are replacement handles for tools such as hammers and axes.



2. How To Remove Rust With Baking Soda And Water?


(1) Mix the baking soda with water to form a thick paste then spread the paste over the rusty surface of the tool. 


(2) Immerse the paste in the rust. You can scrub the rust with a toothbrush or steel wool. It is important to note that if the paste is dry, it needs to be reapplied. If it is too dry, it will scratch the surface of the tool.


(3) As with the white vinegar process, rinse the tool with clean water and dry it. Also, use a manual hand sander to polish any rough or dented areas. And if you are using a blade, sharpen and smooth the edges with the terrazzo.


(4) Wipe clean tools with an antirust metal primer to better prevent the rust.

Baking Soda



Be sure to take good care of your tools after you've removed the rust. Storing them in a dry place, such as a sealed toolbox, will help prevent the rust. If you own a store, consider installing a dehumidifier to control humidity. Although it's expensive, it's worth it compared to the cost of rusting the tool. 


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